How Many Types of Graphic Design Service that We Provide

How many types of graphic design

How many types of graphic design: Graphic design is a way of expressing visual communication in all its form. In order to solve visual problems and generate ideas through typography, imagery color and form we use Graphic Design. But, Graphic Design has itself many types with certain specialization.

Although the multiple types intersect each other but each type of graphic design has its own specific set of handiness and design methods. Many of the graphic designers make them perfect for one type and some of them focus on multiple types. But due to the inconsistent industry sectors graphic designers should specialize them in multiple types, so that they can adapt themselves in any situation in their lifetime. They can tackle any situation throughout their whole career.

Whether you are a professional designer or if you are looking for an extraordinary creative graphic design service then u need to understand the eight types of graphics designing which can result in finding the right skills for the job.


Our Graphic Design Services are:

01. User Interface Graphic Design

A user interface (UI) is how a consumer interrelates with a device or application. UI design is the procedure of scheming interfaces to make them stress-free to use and deliver a user-friendly understanding.

A UI comprises all of the things a consumer networks with—the screen, keyboard and mouse—but in the situation of graphic design, UI design emphases on the consumer’s visual experience and the scheme of on-screen graphic components like buttons, menus, micro-interfaces, and more. It’s a UI designer’s job to balance aesthetic request with mechanical functionality.

UI designers stipulate in desktop applications, mobile applications, web applications and games. They work diligently with UX (user experience) designers (who regulate how the application operates) and UI originators (who compose code to make it work).


  • Web Site Design
  • Application Design
  • Game Interfaces Design
  • Mobile Apps Design
  • Software Design
  • Theme Design

UI designers need to be team players assisted by both thoughtful graphic design skills and an outstanding understanding of UI/UX values, reactive design and web development.

02. Marketing & Publicizing Graphic Design

When people think of graphic design, they contemplate of designs which are created for marketing and publicizing.

Companies rely on prosperous marketing struggles to tap into their aimed audience’s choice-making procedure. Great marketing involves people based on the wants, needs, consciousness and gratification they have about artifact, service or brand.

Since people will continuously find visual content more appealing, graphic design helps organizations endorse and interconnect more successfully. 

Marketing designers work with company owners, boards, executives or marketing specialists to create resources for marketing schemes. They might work unaccompanied or as part of an in-house or ingenious team.

Designers can concentrate in a definite type of media (vehicle cloaks or magazine ads, for example) or generate a broad group of surety for print, digital, and yonder. While habitually print-centered, this character has developed to contain more digital resources, particularly for use in content marketing.

Marketing designers need outstanding communication, problem-resolving and time handling abilities. Moreover to being expert in numerous graphic design, layout and demonstration applications, they must also be accustomed with creation for print and online surroundings.

Entrance-level positions in this region are a great way for new designers to acquire procedures and obtain valuable skills and experience.


  • Postcards 
  • Signage and trade show exhibitions
  • Posters, placards and commercials
  • Social media commercials, posters and graphics
  • Email design
  • Vehicle cloaks
  • Magazine and newspaper advertisements
  • Brochures (printed and digital versions)
  • PowerPoint demonstrations
  • Pictures for websites and blogs
  • Infographic
  • Banner and redirecting trailers
  • Restaurant Menus
  • Brochures


03. Visual Individuality Graphic Design

The relationship between a business organization and its audience is carried out through a brand. The identity of a brand is the medium of communication of the organization by its personality, tone ad essence, as well as memories, sentiments and experiences.

The visual elements of brand individuality that act as the face of a brand to generate those immaterial qualities through images, shapes and color is exactly what visual individuality graphic design is defined as.

Designers that concentrate in visual individuality graphic design team up with brand stakeholders to generate assets like logos, typography, color palettes and image collections that signify a brand’s personality.

 Furthermore to the regular business cards and commercial stationary, designers often grow a set of visual brand strategies (style guides) that define best practices and deliver examples of visual branding smeared across various media. These rules help to certify brand stability throughout upcoming applications.

Visual individuality graphic designers must remember a general knowledge of all types of graphic design in order to generate design components that are appropriate across all visual media. They also need outstanding communication, theoretical and creative skills, and a hunger for exploring industries, organizations, trends and contenders. 

4.  Motion Graphic Design

We can simply define motion graphics are graphics that remain in motion. This can comprise animation, audio, typography, images, videotape and other special effects that are used in virtual media, television and film. The medium’s attractiveness has increased rapidly in latest years as technology developed and video content became ruler.

As a matter of fact Motion graphics designing is a slightly new field for designers. Officially set aside for TV and film, technical progresses have reduced manufacturing time and expenditures, making the art form more available and reasonable. Now, motion graphics can be found transversely in all digital platforms, which has generated all sorts of new zones and has increased chances.

Motion graphics designers start by evolving storyboards and then convey their ideas to life with animation, video and customary art. Provisional on the industry, a robust working knowledge of advertising, coding and 3D modeling can be certain resources.


  • Commercials
  • Promos
  • Animated Logos
  • Title arrangements and end recognition
  • Demonstrations
  • Marketing videos
  • Lecture videos
  • GIF Animation 
  • Applications
  • Posters
  • Video games
  • Websites

05. Art & Illustration Design

Graphic art and illustration are frequently seen as being the same as graphic design, though they’re each very dissimilar. Designers generate conformations to connect and resolve difficulties, graphic artists and illustrators make innovative artwork. Their art proceeds a number of methods, from fine art to beautification to storytelling illustrations.

Although graphic art and illustration are not exact types of graphic design, so much is generated for profitable use within the environment of graphic design that you can’t discourse about one without the others.


  • Graphic outlines for materials
  • Comical books
  • Standard images
  • T-shirt design
  • Graphic tales
  • Video games
  • Websites
  • Motion graphics
  • Album art
  • Book covers
  • Photo books
  • Infographics
  • Methodical illustration
  • Conception art

Graphic artists use any arrangement of media and methods to produce their work as they work together with writers, editors, directors, dealers and art executives across all graphic design categories. 

They’ll frequently have a groundwork in fine arts, animation or architecture. Overlying abilities and apps make it potential to find graphic designers who also work as graphic artistes and illustrators and also the opposite.


6. Publication Design

Publications are extended-form sections that connect with an audience through public circulation. They have conventionally been a print medium. Think books, newspapers, journals and directories. On the other hand, there’s newly been a substantial increase in digital publication.

Graphic designers that concentrate in publishing of work with editors and publishers to generate designs with cautiously selected typography and supplementary artwork, which comprises photography, graphics and illustrations. Publication designers may possibly work as freelancers, as resourceful agency members or in-house as part of a publication company.

Publication designers must have outstanding communication, arrangement and administrative skills. Moreover to graphic designing knowledge, they need to comprehend color management, printing and digital publication.

Some Examples of publication graphic design

  • Volumes
  • Newspapers
  • News sheets
  • Handbooks
  • Yearly reports
  • Periodicals
  • Directories

7. Environmental Graphic Design

Environmental graphic design visually bonds people to places to develop their total involvements by creating spaces more notable, exciting, enlightening or stress-free to navigate.


  • Wall frescos
  • Museum displays
  • Organization branding
  • Signage
  • Occasion and seminar spaces
  • Wholesale store interiors
  • Public transport navigation
  • Stadium labelling

Wayfinding is a particular type of environmental graphic design that comprises of premeditated signage, landmarks and graphical signs that help people recognize where they are and where they must go so, they can get there without facing any mistake.     

Environmental graphic design is a multi-disciplinary repetition that unites graphic, architectural, interior, background and industrialized design. Designers work together with people in any amount of these fields to generate ideas and apply their designs. 

For the reason that, designers usually have training and experience together in graphic design and architecture. They must be accustomed with industrialized designing theories and capable to read and outline architectural strategies.

Conventionally, environmental graphic design has made stationary print quantities, but digital communicating demonstrations continue to increase in popularity as a means of generating a more charming experience.

08. Packaging Graphic Design

Most merchandises need some form of packaging to safeguard and organize them for storage, delivery, and trade. But packaging design can also link directly to customers, which makes it an enormously valuable advertising tool. Every single box, bottle and bag, each can, container, or canister is an opportunity to express the story of a trademark.

Packaging designers generate ideas, improve mock up and make the print-set files for a product.

This involves skillful understanding of printing procedures and a deep understanding of industrialized design and manufacturing. Because this kind of graphic designing dashes so many restraints, it’s not rare for designers to discover themselves creating other resources for a product such as photography, illustrations and graphical identity.

Packaging designers may be a card-of-all-skills or specialize in a definite type of packing (like tags or beverage cans) or a detailed industry (for example food or children’s toys). Their task necessitates top-notch theoretical and problem-resolving abilities besides to a robust working knowledge of print and industrialized design.

They must be flexible to come across the difficulties of clients, dealers and manufacturers and be conscious of existing trends. 

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