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Facebook Business Page Design Services package with Pricing 


Now a days, many people have a Facebook fan pages and every company and every educational institute  also has Facebook business page. They want a proper design of their page for business. Usually, these designs are small,so they want to hire a freelancer. keeping this situation in mind, we have decided to provide Facebook business page design services. We design facebook profile picture using company or institute logo, If they have no logo we provide logo design service . We also provide facebook cover photo design and about photo design.


Facebook Business Page Design Prices


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We have various packages. Now, I will provide the details of various packages.

  • Basic package: Honestly, this is suitable for personal group pages. Because, basic packages include one logo, one cover photo, and one banner design. Besides, it is very affordable. All of the Facebook business page design services cost only $49! However, this isn’t ideal for small business or any kind of businesses.
  • Standard package: Want to let more people know about your existing small business? This is the package you should pick. Even if you run any kind of educational institution, and want more people to know about it, it’s really easy now. First, contact us, lock your package, open your page and upload our content. Also, our (facebook business page design services) package costs $99. Standard package contains a profile picture using a logo, two cover photos, two color schemes, a banner, an article about your page (200 words), and a Facebook post with image.
  •  Plus package: If you are running a corporate business and it is not famous on the web, this is your optimum solution. On this package, you will be provided with a logo, five cover pictures, two banners, an article about your organization (500 words), and tree Facebook posts.  Most importantly, all of it  (facebook business page design services)will cost you only $200.

Significance of graphic design in any business:

Due to the competitive business environment, efficient graphic designing is becoming essential. Starting from brochure to website, impressive graphics is required all the way. Pictography has been an easier efficiently than you think. Even though most of the entrepreneurs agree without any argument that graphics designing is essential, some of the way of conveying messages for ages. Similarly, graphical designs deliver messages more easily and  think differently. Thus, I will discuss a few points to enlighten how this is necessary for your business.

  • Boosts sales: Generally, eye-catching designs immediately create interest among consumers. If your product has an interesting packaging and labeling, anyone would prefer it moreover any product that has an average packaging.
  • Form company name:  If you are still in a niche market, an innovative company name with remarkable design might help you. Because anything remarkable is easy to remember. While you have few competitors in the market, and a remarkable logo you can make maximum profit out of it.
  • Establishing goodwill: Additionally, graphics design helps to gain the trust of the consumer. Generally, meaningful logo and designs make people believe in the authenticity of the product. Hence, if people will believe in you and your business will flourish. 
  • Delivers the brand goal: Again, it is very essential to have a meaningful logo because it helps to let people know about the organization’s mission. When people will know your goal, they will trust you more. Simultaneously, your popularity will increase. 
  • Encouragement power: Captivating designs, makes it difficult for the customer base to think about anything else. Hence, people will try out your product or service from curiosity. Besides, if they enjoy the experience they will come back. 

To conclude, to be successful in business only product quality is not enough. You have to have excellent marketing, or else your business will not sustain. And, good marketing requires good design.

How do we control quality?

  • A dynamic team: Our client’s satisfaction is our priority. Thus, we only hire bests for our team. Even though, the process gets expensive sometimes we do not compromise our team quality.
  • A dedicated team: All of our team members are not only professionally sound but also committed. We understand the urgency and needs of our clients. Thus, we hire people who are professional as well as empathetic.
  • A creative team: As we are building content, creativity is our backbone. Hence we try to hire people who are qualified as well as talented. Because when it comes to content creation, only qualification is not enough.   

Why choose us?

  • We are devoted to eminence: Generally, we all go for things that impress us with their first appearance. Hence, designing of your business is very crucial. Our team only promises excellence. You can be completely tension-free after giving us the responsibility of designing your content. Moreover, we have an efficient team of writers. Hence, writing about your organization or product will be error-free.
  • We meet the deadline: Undoubtedly, time is the most precious thing on earth. Our efficient team works day and night to meet the deadline. Sincerity towards time and quality, what else could anyone ask for?
  • An established trajectory record: As we are working for a long time now, our team has become efficient at a different level. Although, our team only contains professionals, with time and experience they have gathered a new dimension. Besides, our service delivery moved positively. 
  • Your confidentiality is our responsibility: While instructing anyone about designing a logo or any graphical content, you need to provide some confidential information. Often, clients are not comfortable about this because for any individual or organization it is very difficult to trust anyone with confidential details. However, we are ahead of everyone else in this sector because we take our client’s confidentiality as our own.



Some Facebook Business Page design service for Cover Photo


Facebook Business Page design service for Cover PhotoFacebook Business Page design service for Cover Photo
Facebook Business Page design service for Cover Photo